She's a cow.

This site about Katy is is now known by the original intended name "I got a Brazilian." Why that name? Because it was one of the most idiotically random, and completely inappropriate statements I've ever heard a woman say across a table in a crowded restaurant. Because of the disgusting randomness of the remark, it has become symbolic for my time with her.

What was it like dating* this idiot? Imagine being with a know-it-all who really didn't know her behemoth ass from a hole in the ground, yet always insisted on being right. Imagine a person on her first real job who suddenly becomes an "expert" on every matter relating to business and proceeds to tell you everything you're doing wrong. And imagine a person so self-absorbed, selfish and petty that she turns any question, conversation, or situation into an argument for which she'll hold a grudge lasting days, weeks, or months. And finally, imagine a person with zero depth who finds some perverse gratifiication in making you feel like shit through her continual putdowns and tactless remarks.

And while obviously meant to be humorous, they are actual statements. Sadly.

*Seeing each other once in a long while in order to hook up and get into a fight.

Stupid Texas

Her place in Carrollton was the
worst little whorehouse in Texas.


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Last update: November 19, 2014